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One Bone Gone

dour four
the most foul hour!

one bone gone
in the dimming tour

of griefs amour
it’s a sour pour in a sunless hour

Crouching Tiger Woods

Proud Tiger’s lie in the hoary rough
Beneath Augusta’s august boughs
To the mortal eye would bring a tear
Yet the golfing god would acres tear
Until the lie became a slough
And if the slough be not enough
A lake would he plow up and swear
And toss his club, his face a rouge!
His reputation back to steer
To the lie where it lay
Not half so deep,
So beyond repair.

Getting Ready For Eternity

(First published by Dead Snakes.)

I see your height, I feel your weight
And watch you sew, to hew the new.
Laid in my tomb, without a comb,
This awful rouge would I gouge —
In hubris is debris.