Monthly Archives: November 2011


The poet Transtromer says work is a glove that lets man touch the universe. Yet shod or shoeless, shivering or encased in cashmere,
the simple dignity of work eludes most of us. A deer in the forest has places to lie down and listen to the wind in the branches. The ordinary worker counts himself lucky to glimpse the sky on the weekend while raking leaves and wondering if his job will last until the Spring. When did work become a desert island while the seas slowly rise around us?

Release – a 50 Word Mini Saga

Detlef entered the 34″ high modified Trabi sedan through the trunk. He only had to drive it straight 150 feet under two barricades to reach West Berlin. He rammed the accelerator, the engine whined–then shouting, bullets popping, his vision narrowed–and the dizzy, slow tunnel to freedom opened a crack.

A Message Left by Occupy Portland

As police cleared the park, taking advantage of the crowd fatigue and getting very rough with the protestors despite what the media reported, this was the last message that remained. It is a bit hard to read– it says “wake the fuck up.”



Another Protest Sign

I couldn’t afford to buy a politician so I bought this sign.