Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oscar Night

This is the night people in the Hollywood movie industry get dressed up and hand out buff, gay golden figurines to each other. I am breathless in anticipation. While hundreds of thousands of normal boring workers around the USA protest in state capitals to keep basic workers rights, the true tip of the American spear–those who help keep us entertained while our pockets are being picked–gather for a victory lap. I am voting for The Kings Speech for best picture. For a country that is starting to find it’s voice, gravelly and halting after decades of meek cowlike silence, it was fascinating to watch someone shoulder the burden of responsibility and find his own lost voice. Even in Tinsel Town, every now and then a true and universal message slips by the corporate censors, as long as the story is at a safe distance in time. Maybe tonight the stars will align with the teachers and firefighters in the streets and the movie moguls will hand them the award for Best Picture. And maybe I will grow feathers and dance the lead in the sequel to the Black Swan.


The moon hangs in the night trees.
Dreaming in silvery solitude,
It swings it’s tight beam around my night room
Like a bird on a wire.

Kipling on Simple Living

“Teach us delight in simple things, and mirth that has no bitter springs…”

–Rudyard Kipling

Poets Changing the World

“‘Skyscraper America’ extends around the world with American corporate monoculture.”

“We have to raise the consciousness; the only way poets can change the world is to raise the consciousness of the general populace.”

-Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Journal Entry 2-11-11

Two bright, talented Oregon high school boys were swept to their deaths by a rogue wave on the coast in Saturday. They had been playing football in a parking lot next to the beach and walked out on a rocky promontory above the beach when they were suddenly pulled out to sea from a seemingly safe place. What a awesome indifference Nature shows it’s most wondrous creations at times. I can only imagine their parent’s sorrow.

Saw a Canada goose make a picture perfect landing on the glass still pond behind my work place. It looked somehow joyful gliding in to part the waters with a loud swoosh and settle in for the morning.

Journal Entry 2-10-11

As I drove by the Nike store in Portland last night on my way home from work, I saw three young men sprint from the store entrance, each carrying three boxes of shoes, and tear down the street. They were decisive, deliberate and unflinching in their theft. I paralleled them for a half a block before they jumped in a car and took off. Since Nike is a Fortune 500 company, with sweatshops full of the grateful poor all over the world toiling away making their shoes, I did not begrudge the poor in my neighborhood taking their own small share of the pie. Like Mr. Obama says, “we all want some pie.” While our economy here in Portland struggles for signs of life, our studiously earnest President says he wants to carve up the American pie more evenly, but his hand keeps slipping and the largest pieces keep going to the people who are so fat they haven’t seen their own dicks in years. The young men I saw stealing the shoes had no similar problem.

Journal Entry 2-8-11

I watched the super bowl football game yesterday. What a great brawling, writhing, teeth bashing, head smashing, knee popping good time! Several players were injured during the first few minutes! Heaven! With overhead cameras flying over the action on wires and dozens of mobile field cameras, every rolling tackle, quarter back sack and groin smash came to life in my living room in high def. Wahoo! And the much vaunted commercials. Who doesn’t love watching aliens driving cheap cars being sucked into the vortex–or making fun of Tibetans! Well, that last one was a bit low brow but it only made the rest of the spectacle shine that much brighter as dung amongst diamonds. Is there anything more American than carefully controlled violence splayed out across the world and sponsored by KIA and Doritos? And the half time show! Don’t get me started. Watching the Black Eyed Peas dance around in space suits singing highly forgettable songs surrounded by people in Christmas lights with packing boxes on their heads was soul stirring–I had to put down both my beers and stand and do the crowd wave, except there were only two of us so it was more of a rolling drip.