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The View Up The River Today

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Todays Journal Entry

The newspaper said the tsunami that hit Hawaii yesterday was the best kind.
It was too small to do damage but large enough to remind people about tsunamis. If a tsunami travels across an ocean at five hundred miles an hour, arrives on your doorstep like a runaway train and leaves no damage in it’s wake, is it really a punami?

By the Library

Two men were singing in a parking lot.
No one on the street seemed to notice.
Or we did but we were bothered,
On our way to where ever we were going.
Like the poet who read before the band played,
Or the redwing blackbird in back of the pizza place.
It’s not what you expect.
It’s like gathering up your day like an armload of groceries
And a can of corn falls and rolls under a counter.
You are tempted to leave it
But you know you can’t.

Message From the Universe

Message From The Universe


Today’s Nature Writing Quote

‘ … a place where nature only suffers in disgrace.
A country so deformed, the traveller
would swear those parts natures Pudenda were:
Like warts and wens, hills on one side swell,
to all but natives inaccessible.’

–Charles Cotton in 1681 describing Derbyshire

Today’s Journal Entry

We read that a fifty light year radius shell of analog tv and radio signals is rippling out from earth to wash over the stars and nebulae. Some scientists worry that, with the change to digital broadcasting, our message in a bottle may never be found by other life forms, that in fact our signal has become noise and there are only fifty light years worth of I Love Lucy reruns beamed out among the stars to tell our story. Not to worry. The other life forms note that Ricky and Lucy Ricardo have already done sufficient “splainin” on our behalf and are pleased to change the channel.

Wet Dog

Wet Dog

I am a wet dog
Lying on my back.
Wriggling on the good new rug,
It’s my drying rack.

I almost died, cut me some slack.
My peeps took me to the vet,
God how they fussed over me,
But I’m back now in the pack.

Now I think I’ll sleep a bit,
Unless you want to play.
Hurry up with your answer,
I haven’t got all day.