Monthly Archives: November 2012

Woodburn Oregon Sonata

Police surrounded the indignant priest,
his underpants in full regalia,

while the youth tore down the street
away from holy saturnalia.

“You interrupted our Sunday class!”
“Give me the boy!” the priest cried bleakly.

“We only had a little beer
and perhaps a game of willie winky.”

Rules of the Road

When the desire exceeds the will
expect the journey to be disjoint

When the will exceeds the desire
expect the arrival to disappoint


When I was detained by the secret police,
all I wanted was sleep.

When I had just narrowly escaped death,
all I wanted was sex.

My body clearly has its priorities straight.

–Burl Whitman

Hospice Angel

Thank you, God for sending
a gentle blond hospice angel

with a nice ass to help witness
at my mothers passing

I take back half the things
I’ve said about you over the years

Sound of Death

The sound of death fills my ears
harsh, unbending

I didn’t expect
you to cry out so

The Buddha says go toward
what you fear

This sounds like suffering
like birth

TV Highway at the End of Life

My dying mother
loves watching television
with the sound off

The TV becomes a train window–
compressing life into fast snippets
bite sized kibbles
infusing the moment
like lavender in old black tea

She laughs at it
points out things I can’t see
reads the news crawler proudly
the way she used to read signs
on the highway out loud
driving everyone else
in the car crazy

The TV highway goes
wherever she wants it to go
past president Obama’s son
and the car with bright feathers,
the endless river of bright words
never fails to amuse her

Glimpses of Heaven

Heaven gives its glimpses only to those
Not in position to look too close.

–Robert Frost