Monthly Archives: June 2016


When the sky
opens beneath you

and you do not fall,
you hesitate to tell others.

What can you say?

The faint scent of gardenia
in the still air before nightfall.

Garden Bridge

Ivy grows up through the boards
of the garden bridge.

A rabbit runs across the bridge
and stops in front of me.

We stare at each other,
waiting to see who will move first.

The next morning I am not there
and the rabbit doesn’t stop.

Rain Clothes

the house is
clothed in rain

worms on the path
by the wood pile

The Harvest

For four hundred and fifty million years
the lamprey, the nine-eyed ancients,
have come up the river
to thrash and mate and cling
with cyclops mouths
onto the rocks under
the waterfall.

Today the Umatilla tribe
has come to Willamette falls
to dive under the bone cold water,
to fish and to say
to the few lamprey who have come–
we have both seen
lean times before.

See you next year. 

The Place Where You Are

The world is no better than its places. It’s places are no better than their people while their people continue in them. 

–Wendell Berry

The Card Game

People sit around a table in the dark. A pool of light slowly lights the table and faces emerge. Vladimir Putin, Osama Bin Ladin, Hillary Clinton, Sun Tzu, Ghengis Khan and a dealer.

Dealer: since some of us are living and some deceased the rules are as follows. Each player gets three cards and three chances to try to find their own kill card….

Putin smirks as the rules are read. His strategy is to bluff until he knows if his kill card is in anyone’s hand. His poisoned cards are ready for sleight of hand, if needed.

Bin Laden is philosophical. Since he is already dead, he is playing for rights to return to life but also be in immediate jeopardy for assassination. When his turn comes, he plans to pass and see how play develops before exposing any cards.

The game begins. Slowly the house lights go up and the audience members begin to leave. Wait, the players cry out, please wait. Don’t you want to see who wins and who lives and who dies and who returns from death?

The audience members turn one by one and each is revealed to have the face of one of the players. They turn back towards the exits and file out and wait in the hall until the game completes and then draw straws to see who will take the place of each player for the next game. The game never ends.

Tickets to See Bob Dylan

pale Ginsberg

shaggy haired
chant to us

of sweet
in Juarez

and gravity
and negativity
and give us

a reason
to howl too