Monthly Archives: June 2016


When the sky
opens beneath you

and you do not fall,
you hesitate to tell others.

What can you say?

The faint scent of gardenia
in the still air before nightfall.

Garden Bridge

Ivy grows up through the boards
of the garden bridge.

A rabbit runs across the bridge
and stops in front of me.

We stare at each other,
waiting to see who will move first.

The next morning I am not there
and the rabbit doesn’t stop.

Rain Clothes

the house is
clothed in rain

worms on the path
by the wood pile

The Place Where You Are

The world is no better than its places. It’s places are no better than their people while their people continue in them. 

–Wendell Berry

Tickets to See Bob Dylan

pale Ginsberg

shaggy haired
chant to us

of sweet
in Juarez

and gravity
and negativity
and give us

a reason
to howl too

Goodbye Muhammad Ali

“I wish the people of the world loved each other as much as they love me.”

–Muhammad Ali

Midnight Bus

Yawning is like howling
you cannot see what’s in front of you
The fire pit devours winter’s oak
the oak speaks quietly, removing only its jacket

The cities where no relatives live, only friends
have left you speechless
The painted canyons
A sprig of metallic sage in the pocket

The emptiness of saints
the one I thought I was
rock faces, arms, legs
a lupine tail wagging in the summer grass

The cicadas in August
like a Ravel daydream
A distant buzzing hunger,
a schoolteacher leaves he meeting early
to rake marks on her lover’s back
A shudder under the mountains
followed by a grief like no other

Still, something makes you stay
to see how the play ends
without you, like a priest on a midnight bus
watching the moon make the fields ache