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The Divine Willy

We must take the current where it serves or lose our venture.

–William Shakespeare

Today’s Squash Prose Opening of a Novel #1

Con Carne sat in the high swillery incessallating his steaming lardigos. Switch Muffin watched Jon’s bulging bandicoot from the safety of the skool sullivent, oxing goosily as she thought about the jam hook she wanted to sail along the pented marnicals of his upper dorset. A gilasander mesaundered by but she ignored his pouting armature. She had bigger flogs to codify.


Dinétah earth
in loud creases

of urban lingo
sounds like Navajo some days
but like English on Sundays.

–Vanaya Yazzie, Navajo artist and poet

This Business of Saving People

There are a few
very few

who leave their chapel of chains
for a bamboo chapel of stars.

When you meet one
you will know.

Believe him.

–Burl Whitman


I stood in the rain inside the cathedral so tall
clouds gathered between the arches.

My doctor, thin as Jesus,
flew overhead on buzzard wings.
I could not reach him.

A blue washed pond of sky in the chancel and storks for pillars.
The music was like a slow spreading oil mosaic on street water.

A snap turtle fell off his log in the narthex.

After the homily of musk rats
I walked home along the boulevard of steel trees
inhaling the dust motes of saints.

today’s journal entry

Reading Bob Dylan in America, I remember that Dylan sees around corners. He realized ten years ago that Americans were becoming besotted with virtual reality and that the real mccoy was in danger of becoming quaint, even obsolete.


house squats in the trees
waiting for me to come home
uses the dog to speak