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Dinétah earth
in loud creases

of urban lingo
sounds like Navajo some days
but like English on Sundays.

–Vanaya Yazzie, Navajo artist and poet

Korean Sijo Poem

동지달 기나긴 밤을 한 허리를 버혀 내여
춘풍 이불 아래 서리서리 넣었다가
어론 님 오신 날 밤이여든 굽이굽이 펴리라

I will break the back of this long, midwinter night,
Folding it double, cold beneath my spring quilt,
That I may draw out the night, should my love return.

– Hwang Jin-i (1522–1565)

My Heart Speaks Russian


«Моя голова говорит по-английски, моё сердце — по-русски, и моё ухо — по-французски.»


New Bathroom

Burnished stones
in a bright closet

tulip flavored eyes of tile
& streaming chrome

Brushed leather and fleece
against dimpled knees

joints dovetail high
in the swaying daffodils

Beach day

Journal entry 5/4/12 – Children

If the chips didn’t fall far from the stump, maybe the axe is dull.