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When Words Lose Their Meaning

When words lose their meaning, I listen for the sounds they make. 
Some are like dirty water swirling in a can. Some are like deflating a truck tire. 

Some are like when a child dumps her blocks on a tile floor. 

When words become their opposites I look for their history, their DNA. Many have traveled a long road to be mishandled by patriots. Their dignity is not diminished. 

When C├ęsar Lehmann, the lead singer of the Spanish rap-rock band Def Con Dos, was arrested by military police and accused, under Spain’s new gag law, of inciting terrorism, his words sounded like a hammer annealing hot iron. 

The words of the government official sounded like cheap pants ripping when someone has grown fat stealing from widows and old veterans. 


hot day
slight wind at dusk

a hummingbird zips in
to drink at our fountain

bending the air around it
making a place to stand

Obama on Poetry

It’s not clear that we would survive without poetry. 

–Barack Obama, April 27, 2015

Here’s to You

May the skin of you ass never cover a banjo!

–Welch toast