Monthly Archives: March 2014

Old. Shoe. Day.

Beach. Squall. Hail.
Dogs. Rain. Decamp.

Cabin. Fire. Smug.
Wine. Scrabble. Connive.

Night. Wind. Sound.
Fluid. Myths. Embark.

Religion as Software

Each religion is a kind of software that has its own set of signals and will work.

–Joseph Campbell

The Word on the Street is…

The sign in front of the club said clopen, which was good enough for us. We went in, expecting it to be full of yestergays, hasbians and banksters trying out their blaccents on us.  The usual chuggers in their frackets lined the walls hoping to get lucky. For most of them the last sexercise they had was paying a nyorican thirty bucks for a blob or maybe a mobisode with their dildonics.

Then some toonie with moobs and a murse walks up and asks to dance. What the hell, I think and thread my way through the crowd, following him to a spot where there is just enough room to dance. Then the shart actually turns around and leaves me for some vomitrocious slut from Queens. Hey, I can see your mangina from here, I yell after him but he’s not listening.  

Fuck it. I finish my drink and push past a cluster of gyfaking hubots towards the door. Maybe this isn’t my night, I say to my roomie, heading out into the snowmageddon for the long walk home. 

Made the Elders Smile

Lights in the Valley
Deadheads and Suckers–

two names
for the same
old time banjo tune!

A Hat That Sheds Light

The long necked lady
In the Modigliani painting

never waters the orchids
In her summer greenhouse

they only need drink
from her shy smile

Burning Man

Beneath the art car
covered with a thousand used CDs

radiant in the desert
like a trailer trash pope mobile

a single sand beetle
walks between the downpours


Where the breastplate meets the helmet, that’s where the bullet entered.

We laid him next to his grandfather. I think they both would have liked that.