Monthly Archives: November 2015

No More Surplusage

“Use the right word, not its second cousin… Eschew surplusage.”

–Mark Twain

Drone Song

A drone circles above an Afghan village,
a bird of prey with hydrogen eyes,
it’s wire tongue tasting the air.

A village woman orgasms in her bed
over a slow fire lover. Discoveries like
the tendrils of pea vines encircle her.

The hydrogen eye clicks on.
The wire tongue flicks.
The morning cannot catch its breath.

Handmade Book

Assembling a poem letter by letter in lead type to print on handmade paper is an act of sexual reproduction. Each letter comes from a worn wooden tray,a snippet of the tribe’s DNA code, facile in the hand, expectant.

Words reassemble themselves, replicating their ancient legacy,
ready to construct a new being. The hive mind provides the creative spark. Old stories recombine, sprout new green feathers and take wing.

You can feel the deep joy of nature in it. A happy parent now steps aside knowing the power and the limits of his role.