Monthly Archives: March 2016

Too Full to Talk About

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.


The Ferry Boat

The sea has no memory.
A field of chipped granite
moving back and forth
over a sediment of soldiers.

Where warships collide
a canyon opens for sailors
waiting to jump.

A sunken fighter plane lies
covered in sargasso seaweed.
Eyeless windows,
engines now
mouths for starfish.

Refugee Camp

a fence line of blue toes
clanking stomachs
night cutting words

*This poem was first published in DoveTails Literary Journal

Strange Creatures

I love the craft of poetry. Notice how John Looker’s slant rhymes seem to disappear inside his poem Strange Creatures.


Moments before, the sea was breathlessly calm. Suddenly the surface ruptured and a head arose, dripping, dark. Then onto our beach it came, lumbering heavily, tossing its head with a roar. Somewher…

Source: Strange Creatures

Uprising at Malheur Wildlife Refuge

In January 2016,  heavily armed protestors took over the Malheur wildlife refuge in southeastern Oregon. The were protesting the  government treatment of ranchers who broke federal law and the basic idea of publicly owned land.

A brothel sits in a painted desert
at the end of a long smudge of county road.
Pickup trucks surround it like the
hungry nursing children of Kali.

What memories cannot be contained there stick out,
running down the sides of the concrete block building,
across the road and out of the painted day.

The cordite smell of heat lightning mixes
with the red clay dust of the road
stirred by an occasional smattering of rain.

Overhead, sky horses pull
their rough furrows to the horizon
as the first Canada geese of spring take them in stride.

Below, at the wildlife refuge,
a bloom of deadly narcissus 
makes a stand against all Spring storms
with guns and loud lamentation

while geese and owls,
return to make their living
in the green shoots of cheatgrass
and the slow ways of newborn field mice.