Monthly Archives: February 2013

Maitri Days

my children keep me
from wondering if God is
behind the mountains

Copper Beach

copper beech leaves shade
summer windows; in winter
follow the wind home



salty seaweed in
miso soup tastes like tears–
remembering you

Spandau Prison

An entire prison in Berlin
maintained for years for one man — Rudolph Hess,
the last Nazi, founder of the luftwaffe,
the lastĀ of Hitler’s inner circle.

It drew me like a magnet
when I was young and the old man was still alive.
i walked up to it
ignoring the sign that said
anyone crossing a painted line
was in danger of being shot–
like a dumb American, really?
I thought.

The guard in the tower
waved me away wildly
until I realized how much
fear there was of this
old man.

Hess eventually hanged himself
with an electrical cord.

His work was done.


On Giving Dating Advice to a Teenage Daughter

“Dad, I get all the dating advice I need from my brother. At least he went to high school in the same century.”

Long Reach

forbid the day from
holding cold sorrows — rivers
drain the broadest land


I was a bright glass bottle that caught the light but had little inside.
I made flutes from the long bones of my enemies.
I sang a song of sorrow most days.
I hung my treasures in the trees on feast days.
I circled my friends like a buzzard.
I went to war and didn’t come back.
I made quite an impression at the hops festival when I was young.
I played in the symphony and loved another woman named Eudora.
I jumped from the Vista bridge — don’t do that.