Monthly Archives: October 2010

Today’s Poem

The moon
does not blame its silence
on smaller stones.

–anonymous poet on

Tea Room

Sitting under the arbor
at the Samovar tea room
overlooking the Yerba Buena gardens,
the fountain
and the well-muscled buildings

Suddenly we look up
from our moroccon mint
and Earl Grey–

To a sound that seems louder than creation–

An urgent thrust of sky filling, infinity shrinking roar
rattling the cups, scattering the pigeons, scraping everything before it
like a bowling pin setter from hell,
rolling down the office canyons,
a hot arrogant wind…


…and again…

..and again…

It’s the fucking Blue Angel squadron
in town to show off
our collective prowess
at reminding the world
our dicks
are big and blue
and spray death
like the nozzle of God.

Printers Ink is the Greatest Explosive

If you think there is a new dark age coming —
you’re right.
But go to the City Lights bookstore anyway.
Ferlinghetti is still alive,
you can see
what a real bookstore looks like,
hear strange and wonderful singing
from below in the alley,
listen to people whisper as if in church,
sit in the poet’s chair
and feel
all is not

Erasing Edna St. Vincent Millay’s The Plaid Dress

Strong sun, bleach
this dress, violent plaid,
the yellow stripe,
the flashy green,
the recurring checker,
the serious breach of taste.

I fear, this garment–
strip it off!
Send me homeward eased and bare.

The hair,
lining the subtle(?) gown
is not seen,
but it is there.