Monthly Archives: April 2015

Carrying the Weight of Others

Frozen in stress and ambitious fear since the semester started, at its end they are bright tomatoes, summer squash, beets, salmon berries –fruits ripened on a hard vine. 
I remember one young woman who carried all the hopes of her immigrant family in her backpack. The snows of Kilimanjaro seemed to weigh no less. 
Her smile when it was over and she had made it into medical school was like the sun rising over that far land. The earth sheds heat at night so the next day can be as full as the last. 

SUL PONTICELLO by Jack Gilbert

Year by year he works himself, replacing youth with stone. 

But the marble rings with love even more than the fine flesh.

–Jack Gilbert 

Not a Credo

The light, the incredible light of every day / is followed not by darkness nor even silence, / but, lo and behold, the greatest emptiness emptied.

–Judith Barrington, from “Not a Credo”

Saturday Morning Car Talk

“I think I hear the Wright brothers passing a brain stone.”

–Tom Magliozzi