More Poems About Work

Work literary magazine has published three of my poems about work.
Tower Worker – West of Mt. Hood
Sex Worker in Shinjuku
Road Work

6 responses to “More Poems About Work

  1. Three beauties, indeed.

  2. Boy are these good poems! Thanks for sending them, and congratulations on getting them published.


  3. Three totally convincing poems Craig. I was lost in them.
    I have long felt that poetry could do a lot more to explore our experiences of work. We partly define ourselves through work and work is certainly a field of significant emotion. My own book was on that theme. Your poems really do justice to the theme. More please!

  4. Craig Brandis (aka Burl Whitman)

    “I was lost in them.” That makes me smile. Thanks John. I enjoyed your book. I am also working on a chapbook on the theme of labor. I agree, it is where we spend our lives but we don’t talk about work in the arts much. I’ll mention my book here when I finish it and make it available if it isn’t picked up by a publisher.

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