Walking Through Your Estate Sale

Mulvey called and told me to go. You would have enjoyed the people who came to paw through your stuff. Although I have to say it wasn’t selling like hot cakes. I loved your mirrored bedroom. Yea, that made sense. You were a player in your day.

The familiar smell of your living room hit me when I walked in. Brought it all back. Beer, basketball, TV on too loud, say anything, plan our next road trip. It was the place i could drop in anytime without calling ahead and know i was welcome.

I didn’t see anything I wanted until the pretty woman you sent handed me a gold lame jacket from the 50s and sad, “hey, I think you missed something.” That was a nice touch. I told her you were old school and you taught me how to be a real friend. Told her about you driving your car out to where my car broke down on my way to meet a woman I was excited about and you handing me your keys and walking home. That got her.


See you soon, pal.

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