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Holly Tree in Winter

The holly tree in winter snow
gathers robins in fat bunches.

Fermented berries
make for a loud drunken party.

Until a hawk dives into the tree,
exploding the party at the seams.

Smiling at Dear Leader (day fifteen)

Here is a sijo poem for day fifteen of national poetry month in the USA.

Smiling at Dear Leader

A thousand paper cranes
wilt under interrogation lamps.

Faces like half gnawed prunes,
eyes like bruised starlings.

Snapping a salute, I run–
one table has a few potatoes.


Here is a Korean sijo poem for day nine of national poetry month. Sijo poems are three lines of 14-16 syllables with a pause in each line and a twist at the end.


Let me ask you, Time, do you mark your own passing?

My hair was like grass in summer, my young legs could climb like spring elk.

Sit by the fire a while, perhaps you have regrets too?