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Maze and Beam

Eight Things About Being Lucky
Like saints in old Prague
feet under the table cloth
dining car sex
Nibbling on the horizon
snapped off clean
weightless and empty as particles
brown as old cream
wrinkly bits in the cuticle salt air
we were never lucky

Six Things About Being Ready
To be entered is a beautiful thing
rime ice on back teeth
kiln-fired and ready
a beach glass necklace wedding
rolling in the rubbery darkness

Seven Things About Being New
Farm dirt fresh
gulping in a tender garden
street corner buskers
grace, a one time delicacy
a folding table
loitering by the paper cups

Eight Things About Getting Away Clean
Packets of raw sugar
language of pencil fire
a bulldozer rite
the color of a cataract
an eyes-locked blow job
new ruby outcroppings of Iceland
a blond cello
blue skirt
perishing, unaltered

Five Things About Home Birth
A nipple apparatus
a black horse splashing
a slippery arm
ions drifting through like strange perfume
in an all night diner

Four Things About Bad Timing
Orpheus and Eurydice
floodlit in the glands
smell of an old red sweater
pinball flippers
that never touched

Six Things About the Cost of Winning
Velasquez and Delacroix
Frazier and Ali
crepe paper and relativity tricks
singed cotton
the purest arc light
a chair in a snowdrift

Seven Things About a Birthmark
Lobes and ink and needles
the rigor and rush of melon
borrowed toxin
a yucca plant
heady and overripe
Slivovitz, the plum brandy
Slovenia is bitter almonds
a new birthmark burns us both