TNT and Waffles

On my way home from class suddenly
   I’m in deep sludge traffic—hey asshole
   your accelerator is the one on the right
   To my left a Redbox movie machine
   like a clown closet holding out things

Beside Starbucks a dentist vomiting in the street
   gives me a chance to sneak run a red light
   The check cashing place is out of 20s
   Who buys cars from a place named TNT Auto Sales

By the diesel generator & family friendly
   Food Mart Stop Here for Signal Sick Motors
   Porsche & Audi repairs & Let’s Dance
   Lotsa Luck cocktails & inflatables
   are northbound for least pressure wave building
   on the depressed grade under a locomotive
   on the overpass like a grandfather clock on it’s back

Classic Pianos and healthcare for everyone
   at the Kozy Hefeweizen Hotcake House
   open 24 hours and hazy as an 86

Jack is in the box by the veterinary hospital
   power parks are made by people you Lucky Devil
   Dry pavement with lights on cranes
   over blue water dark as a wheelchair

In front of me a rack of steel pipe makes the turn
   onto the freeway by the construction site sphincter
   Stationary / no way / One Way / Right Way / that way
   Wrong Way / okay okay that way

The American Cancer Society has no trucks
   Near the river a new blaze of office
   with granite fingers and a large pubic bone
   There is evidence for both God and Washman
   I smell popcorn
   At home a new Michael Dickman poem in the New Yorker
   like sympathetic pliers

4 responses to “TNT and Waffles

  1. Fun to read. Sharp images crisply drawn. Great flow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey good buddy,
    Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You never know when some smartphone-guided Uberfool realizes too late that the turnoff for the Hawthorne is 4 lanes and 50 feet away and decides its his God-given Right of Way to make a dash for it. Poets can be drivers, but don’t forget which comes first. 😉 And keep the poems coming. They’re like the blood in our veins.

    Liked by 1 person

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