Monthly Archives: September 2018


I am standing
I am divided
One foot still with a name
My veins like milk in a river
Nothing but locusts between them

Swoon of bright stars
Where have you gone?
I am a struck flint in a mineral pool

The mouth at the head of the field
  has fallen open
Oh for a valley of undried gods
  I took you for a smaller stone

Ghazal for an Oilfield Town

The Ghazal Page has published one of my poems. The ghazal is an Arabic form that often expresses love and loss and the beauty that arises within both. This poem is about the grim beauty of the Bakken oilfields in North Dakota and people who work there.

Ghazal for an Oilfield Town

Fence Rail

the fence rail
wanders the country
like a whisk for
snow drifts

a cowboy
rides it all day
like a patient scholar

past fear
is always and always
and beyond is dread
and perhaps knowing

today he gives
one side a credit
and debits the other