Wildfire Near Redding, California

The fire front walks
its red jersey
over the hills
marking its territory
like Frida Kahlo.
A veil of place hardens
where water becomes
accountable down
around the eyes–
like a concerto
it takes a while
to feel the lyric weight
and wrench of it.
Then it starts to roar
like a blown Nascar engine
piercing the skin
and spitting liquid glass
from the corner of its eyes
like a Texas Horned Lizard.

4 responses to “Wildfire Near Redding, California

  1. That’s a grim subject but a sadly a topical one. No doubt it merits treatment through poetry and I think you’ve succeeded here Craig with vigorous commanding imagery.

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  2. A good poem about wildfire, which as I recall has an astonishing presence, inviting unusual images like the ones you’ve used here.

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