Tilman Riemenschneider, 1460-1531

a fifteenth century
German woodcarver
used massive clear grained
limewood blocks that carved
like chilled butter held an
eyebrow arc a pointed finger a
waterfall of tresses an erotic
gaze for centuries through fiery
pitch covered boulders hurled by
catapults smashing church walls
and stained glass windows

people put the carvings
in caves and cellars
wrapped in wet burlap
carried them under
sheets of fire these figures
of townspeople posed as saints
apostles and martyrs

once I caught a glimpse
in a moment a decade
a second a season
an unruly honor
among so many
I missed

5 responses to “Tilman Riemenschneider, 1460-1531

  1. That’s interesting to read Craig – absorbing details, convincing description – and it leaves me pondering how far people in that earlier age were like us, and how far, frankly, they differed.

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    • Craig Brandis (aka Burl Whitman)

      Thanks John. It’s a good question to ask as a writer. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the topic. Poetic truth is a useful lens to explore such questions.


  2. I find it a conundrum Craig. It was a thread running throughout the poems in my own book of 2015 which looked at life through human activity and work down the ages and round the globe, but I’m not sure that I came anywhere near the truth!


  3. A terrific poem and picture! I’m way behind on my email reading, missed this one. Keep on writing!!


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