On Juarez Road

someone is poisoning crows
they are dropping on the road’s
rough hide near my house

their faces move
in leaves of slate
like an absent father

somewhere a car salesman
lies in shrink wrap
ants have left the door open

rain goes back up
into the sky
in aluminum circles

the crows are
falling thicker now
melting lead from a cathedral

they dream
of black plum gall
their feral mission work

2 responses to “On Juarez Road

  1. Craig: This is a very good poem about death, as I read it. The images and language interact well, drawing the reader in. The road’s rough hide, the dead crow’s faces like leaves of slate, the shrinkwrapped dead s as salesman. The rain’s artificial recycle aided by aluminium drains. Stark, powerful.

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  2. thanks bro! I’m never too sure what they are about until well after I feel they are done enough to share. Often it is a close read from others that helps a lot!


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