I am hanging upside down
from the seatbelt in my truck
after drinking all night
and running off the road
My daughter left home
to live with a stoner in Mexico
Comes back skinny & addicted
wearing no bra
tits flapping in the breeze

The doctor says my back is going
& no more heavy lifting
so I end up working the burn pile
But it’s okay, I still get a paycheck

I’m flopping around
sucking for air
like the steelhead
in the shallow stream
my brother threw an axe at
when we were kids
but couldn’t hit

& if I could just reach my knife
things would be okay
back to same shit
different day

& the sky looks like
runny pancake batter
& it’s growing
fuzzy tin stars

& I can’t breathe
& my wife
is going to kill me

if I haven’t
saved her
the trouble

2 responses to “Logger

  1. Alan Shusterman

    Yowza! Gotta remember to watch for curves on them backcountry roads. There’s no straight shot back to Estacada.


  2. keep you foot upon the throttle and your eye upon the guard rail…


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