Saving Daylight

Time and space are modes by which
we think, not conditions in which we live
–Albert Einstein

Today, in the speedy parts
of the world, we band together
to save time by rearranging it

Maybe time is an orange
Peel back the moment and there
is a circle of segments inside, each
with the seeds of other times
You plant one and live a different life

Maybe time is an orchestra. A loose
confederation of things that have
assembled to create
something where things appear coherent
and beautiful, but only if you listen closely

Maybe time is a circus. The elephants
walk in a circle, tail to trunk. Someone
rides each one giving instructions
and we all experience time together
They spin in place and time goes

Maybe time is an ambition. We aspire
to live in a way that makes sense to us
so we age, wear funny socks and die in
small rooms with low lighting
But just as easily we could live so that
we make no sense to each other and time
could stand still forever

4 responses to “Saving Daylight

  1. i’m for that last ‘maybe’. A great poem!!


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  2. I love it. Note to self: check my watch the next time I see a circus elephant. It just might be running backwards. (A thought for your next ‘time’ poem: ‘Time,’ he said, ‘is what keeps everything from happening at once.’)

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  3. That definition is very zen / Groucho…very cool


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