Holly Tree in Winter

The holly tree in winter snow
gathers robins in fat bunches.

Fermented berries
make for a loud drunken party.

Until a hawk dives into the tree,
exploding the party at the seams.

4 responses to “Holly Tree in Winter

  1. This is a gem, Burl. Only six lines but they are packed with incident and observation!

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    • Why thank you, John. The form is sijo which I’m attempting to learn and want to encourage others to try. I’ve grown quite fond of it.


      • I had to look that up. Korean. Older than the haiku. Three long lines, with rules. I feel there is something quite natural about the development through three parts – not unlike the western dialectical concept. Your poem sounds very natural too.

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      • Thanks. I find haiku very difficult to to explore without breaking the form a bit, which modern haiku does allow. Sijo is a lovely discovery which strives towards a full story arc in three lines, usually with some sort of twist in the last line.

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