The Trees of Lazarus

Chained together by ambition,
we raced towards two-bladed freedom.
How we raved and sang to the sea of stars!
We were living on the edge of a cliff
and saw only infinite rows of tungsten street lights.

But now! Look over there.
Now I see how trees see the world.
Trees see the world as a field of light
to be harvested and turned into wooden soldiers 
surrounding the pale with love.

It is as if the shaman’s world
switched places with ours.
When did that happen?
We left the prison hidden in a food service truck
and now Gabriel has blown his trumpet
and Gehenna has become Eden.
It looks the same and completely different.

We may be dead by tonight
but what have we ever lost by dying?

4 responses to “The Trees of Lazarus

  1. ‘but what have we ever lost by dying?’ Yes, yes. The movements of time are an continual dying……


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