Zen Death Poems For Modern Times


Buddhas and patriarchs
only annoy now.
Zen is in the back of the throat.
Spit it out. Gaaack! The wine pairing is here!


Henry is here. Henry is my friend.
Henry played tight end for Ball state. Love you too, man!
900 foot Jesus?
Fuhgetaboutit. Who let you in here?


Where the Nestucca river meets the sea,
mussels cling fast to the rocks.
I will soon walk the sharp-shinned tide pools without flip flops!
Someone call master KC. What a dick.

2 responses to “Zen Death Poems For Modern Times

  1. cue up Gary Snyder, Hay for Horses: http://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/hay-horses

    – Don


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