Love Songs and Other Accidents

The azaleas are in bloom
and the TV warns of toenail fungus
and gutters that need cleaning
but might not if you buy something.

In these long days of circling light,
we give our love to churches, countries,
TV products, and other small accidents
while sediments build up beneath our feet.

Taxis line up at the airport.
Things happen as expected.
Suitcases are loaded.
Turns are taken.

Hank Williams fell in love at first sight
and later claimed his new wife
with a gun, in a restroom.
She’s mine now, he told her boyfriend.
She never left him.

Some love songs aren’t pretty.
Maybe Hank’s came when
thinking browned out
and the back pain made him
want to shit out his bones.
“I’m so lonesome, I could cry…”

2 responses to “Love Songs and Other Accidents

  1. Old Hank knew about pain….


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