When Words Lose Their Meaning

When words lose their meaning, I listen for the sounds they make. 
Some are like dirty water swirling in a can. Some are like deflating a truck tire. 

Some are like when a child dumps her blocks on a tile floor. 

When words become their opposites I look for their history, their DNA. Many have traveled a long road to be mishandled by patriots. Their dignity is not diminished. 

When César Lehmann, the lead singer of the Spanish rap-rock band Def Con Dos, was arrested by military police and accused, under Spain’s new gag law, of inciting terrorism, his words sounded like a hammer annealing hot iron. 

The words of the government official sounded like cheap pants ripping when someone has grown fat stealing from widows and old veterans. 

2 responses to “When Words Lose Their Meaning

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith

    Ah, another fine example of the power of words!


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