Calumny is a word that needs a refresh. Like a pair of socks that got kicked under the bed years ago, it just needs some love In the word washer.

Here goes. Take a public official,
say a senator from Oklahoma, put an electric money hose where he sits and connect the other end to Big Oil. Then put said senator at the head of the senate Environment committee and turn the hose full on.

Now you can make him say things like “climate change is a hoax” with a straight face while the seas rise around us and the skies roar with new found energy.

You sir, have given calumny new wings! Slandering scientists who would try to wake the money and power drunk captains on the Titanic is the pure essence of calumny distilled! Bravo! The word even sounds as greasy as your actions, like deep sea oil sludge on a dying sea bird.

Unfortunately, our senator washer is currently broken.Washing sea birds is far easier than washing oily senators.

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