Looking For Feathers

A soup tureen is an arabic form of food poetry ※ Knickerbockers are boxer shorts for horses ※ Catacombs are often found in the personal care aisle next to caterpillars ※ Hair plugs are advertisements you can’t get rid of ※ Platypus is the sound a cat makes when it didn’t rotate fast enough after falling off the roof ※ Druthers are what you’d rather have than dreese ※ If hope is the thing with feathers, doubt is the house cat ※ To carom off something sounds better than bouncing off it ※ You take the cake — if its older than three days ※ General Patton wore knickerbockers when no one was looking ※ If I could do it all over again I would keep the soap dispenser a little cleaner ※ A room on Bleeker street would make anyone write a song about it ※ Winter seems to be expecting something different from us this year ※ Happenstance is a place where circumstance gets a bus transfer and then loses it ※ A credible alibi is when you get caught in a hotel bed with a colleague from work when you were supposed to be helping them rob the safe in the front office ※

6 responses to “Looking For Feathers

  1. … … or maybe that alibi is when you’re caught robbing the safe when they thought you were in bed with that colleague … ?


  2. A soup tureen is an arabic form of food poetry specially designed with an arabisque in mind….


  3. I’m thinking of taking that room on Bleeker Street…..


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