Drum Lesson

left hand walks along a wooden pier
skipping every other board and sounding
the next with a knock thock

right hand slaps the temple of a young disciple
with a light thwap getting his attention
when his gaze wanders to the girl at the bar

left hand skips on the pier
with the sun behind glancing off the ocean

right hand riffles a stack of plates
with the last one coming down harder than the others

left hand riffs on the taxis on Broadway
rumbling uptown–slow drag and repeat

right hand bounces a tennis ball
low against a garage door

a coffeemaker sputters
out the last few drops

the bell on bouy ten
clangs in seven foot swells

thunder in a narrow river canyon

high winds,trees down,
dueling chainsaws

rain thrums
on a corrugated metal roof.

one woodpecker
high up and far away

fog collects a
nd drips off the hemlock trees

a chickadee in a hazel bush

a wren




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