Duck Weed

Steely green match heads
of innocence,

they came with the long gone water hyacinths
clinging to their roots. Viperous hitchhikers.

Now the backyard pond is clotted with them,
overgrown like kudzu.

Defiant with no ravenous koi fish to eat them,
they are the blackberry vines of the watery world.

I muck out the pool, drain it and say
“take that!”

Of course they are perfect little globes of DNA, cellulose and teaming mitochondria
and do not listen to my ranting. A week later they are back.

A zen master would say they are here, learn from them.
I say, does the zen master have a nice backyard pond?

One response to “Duck Weed

  1. Good to see real expertise on display. Your cotutibnrion is most welcome.


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