Monthly Archives: July 2014

Public Library

People at tables in long rows
Receding faces blued by computer screens

Overhead a symphony of light fixtures
hang like glabrous fruit

The homeless have taken their stations
cursing to their vacant companions

An owl near the Swift collection
calls to Coleridge’s birds

A coelacanth in natural history
stalks someone by the creaking radiator

Ophelia’s lament echoes
up the grand marble staircase

A switch has taken place without people knowing it–
magnetic north has been replaced by a wind sock

A Note to My Children About Money and Time

Scratch, jack, bones,
skins, buckage, bank.

The nicknames change over time.

Did you know your distant ancestors worked no more than four hours a day to earn their living?

They did not need a twenty four hour fire hose of tin toy distractions, though.

Living was distraction enough.

If you find yourself addicted to electronic distractions in the interstitial time between work and sleep, try saving a third of your income. Your income is the congealed life energy you traded your time for. This practice will help wake you up.

And don’t forget to write.

River Day

Our four fishing poles lean over
and listen as a cruiser, like a fat
white fiberglass duck chugs upriver

In between, the wake waves
remember for a while
then don’t

A house skeleton
crouches by the far bank
A kayak blends water with sky

Cormorants use the river
for an air cushion, heading downriver
for urgent appointments

Duck Weed

Steely green match heads
of innocence,

they came with the long gone water hyacinths
clinging to their roots. Viperous hitchhikers.

Now the backyard pond is clotted with them,
overgrown like kudzu.

Defiant with no ravenous koi fish to eatĀ them,
they are the blackberry vines of the watery world.

I muck out the pool, drain it and say
“take that!”

Of course they are perfect littleĀ globes of DNA, cellulose and teaming mitochondria
and do not listen to my ranting. A week later they are back.

A zen master would say they are here, learn from them.
I say, does the zen master have a nice backyard pond?