Monthly Archives: July 2014

Public Library

People at tables in long rows
Receding faces blued by computer screens

Overhead a symphony of light fixtures
hang like glabrous fruit

The homeless have taken their stations
cursing to their vacant companions

An owl near the Swift collection
calls to Coleridge’s birds

A coelacanth in natural history
stalks someone by the creaking radiator

Ophelia’s lament echoes
up the grand marble staircase

A switch has taken place without people knowing it–
magnetic north has been replaced by a wind sock

River Day

Our four fishing poles lean over
and listen as a cruiser, like a fat
white fiberglass duck chugs upriver

In between, the wake waves
remember for a while
then don’t

A house skeleton
crouches by the far bank
A kayak blends water with sky

Cormorants use the river
for an air cushion, heading downriver
for urgent appointments