Monthly Archives: June 2014

Marsh Song

a red wing blackbird
sits on a cattail like a lonely Popsicle

singing for a new love
to roll the season over

Landslide Near Darrington

and uncompromising

Scouring down to subsoil
In black elastic tonnage

Pouring a leviathan
through the tight windows


Calypso music
finds the places
satellites can’t see

With rhinestones and feathers
and the segundo beat
beneath the mambo
filling the holes
left by barracuda

with cunning hips
and thigh-rippled skirts
carnival leaves behind
a burial in the road
for the sad
days of money

Deep Light

The light of stars
Left home before breakfast

Hunting the sky barrens
Poling the rivers

In boats made of sparse ice
Where radio waves bleed out

Dying like jelly fish
Waving their big umbrellas

Arriving like music
Unhindered by time

Write Like Hell Won’t Have You

(for Anne Sexton)

Where you are, squatting toads
breath heavy on the furniture
and all the suicides are eating black beans

There, the sea wears a bell in its navel
and gulls kill fish
calling out like three year olds

It’s the same here, except you left something
Apparently it can’t be killed
and hell won’t have it. But I will