Monthly Archives: June 2014

Marsh Song

A red wing blackbird
Sitting like a fat Popsicle

On a waving stalk in the marsh
Singing lonely yet hopeful like Dylan for a mate,

For a new love to roll the season over,
Heats up the lunar molecules,

Driving the flywheel
Swinging the Dog star

Overhead on its invisible cylinder,
Passing through the core

Missing everything
And missing nothing.

Landslide Near Darrington

and uncompromising

Scouring down to subsoil
In black elastic tonnage

Pouring a leviathan
through the tight windows

What You Can And Can’t Do

Albert: With God all things are possible!

Son of Albert: I’ve never seen God hit a breaking ball


Calypso music
finds the places
satellites can’t see.

With rhinestones and feathers
and the segundo beat
beneath the mambo
filling the holes
left by barracuda,

with cunning hips,
and thigh-rippled skirts,
carnival leaves behind,
for the sad
days of money,
a burial in the road.

Like when a river
dives below ground
and rises again like Lazarus,
surprising would be swimmers.

Liquidamber Styraciflua

American Sweetgum–
both names

as beautiful
as you are

Deep Light

The light of stars
Left home before breakfast

Hunting the sky barrens
Poling the rivers

In boats made of sparse ice
Where radio waves bleed out

Dying like jelly fish
Waving their big umbrellas

Arriving like music
Unhindered by time

Space Station

A smooth marble
on a very long string

rolls over my house
two hundred miles up

a heli-arc welder’s
impossibly bright light

watching me
and Butte Montana
and Kathmandu