Against the Grain of the Day

I want to set myself against the grain of the day.
A kitchen chair has legs that tilt in.
The seat resting on top is my day, sturdy and stable.

Yet quarter sawn or planked,
in the whorl and knot is a risen world.

Descartes saw lines and coordinates, all equidistant,
extending out beyond Alpha Centauri.

In poetry there is the view that Einstein saw through a keyhole
and Rumi saw through a window–
a view of light and love and softly shaped mystery.

Three apples rest on a plate on the kitchen table
next to the garden window. The neighbor is planting thyme.
The day is in the tools in his garden shed.

4 responses to “Against the Grain of the Day

  1. Wonderful. I’ve been reading Richard Rohr, who says peace is not of the mind. When we’re at peace, we’re out of mind.


  2. That adsdesres several of my concerns actually.


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