Monthly Archives: February 2014

Planxty Wallace Stevens

Dense, viscous,
thicker than reason
(or “libry paste”
as my father used to say.)

Try to dive in
and he’s elusive
going all mystic disputation
in the tumult of integrations on you

until the insurance executive
who won a Pulitzer for poetry
decides to leave you an alleyway
to duck into.

Winding through
his staccato streets
narrowed by lime shuttered houses,

past his glass aswarm with things
backlit just enough
to glimpse his
green fan printed with red willow,

leading to the poolroom
where he sits playing cards
waiting for you to show up
and take him precisely at his word.

After the Motorcycle Accident

back aches
in a torn blue line
of furnaces

Today’s Apocopated Rhyme Poem

The Lone Pilgrim
(adapted from a traditional shapenote hymn)

I came to the place
Where they laid the lone pilgrim
In the shade by a tree on the hill

When in a low voice
I heard something murmur
How sweetly life passed in a blur

It was a great pride
And a passion consuming
Compelled me far from my home

On Jerusalem’s road
I did meet the contagion
And so I fell from life’s stage

Go and tell my companions
In sorrow most grievous
Be grateful, do not to weep for me

The same hand that lead me
Through seas wild and foaming
Has kindly assisted me home