White People’s Coup

The US Supreme Court said to minorities this week
you gays can marry

but the rest of y’all are breedin’ like flies
so we gonna fix it so you cain’t vote.

Why in thirty years white people gonna
be the new minority in the US of A.

Now that just ain’t gonna cut it.
Be damned if we just gonna sit here

and watch our sacred traditions and privileges and our wealth
be trampled on by so many niggras and wetbacks.

We rigged it so it don’t matter how many of you
vote anyway–hell, we lost the last election by a million votes and still kept the House.

So you gays go dance around and be happy and suck up a lotta news cycles
while we undo fifty years of civil rights struggle and bring back Jim Crow.

Now pass that bottle over heah. Did I evah tell you the one ’bout
what has eight legs and goes “ho-de-do! ho-de-do! ho-de-do!”

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