Here is what I saw today in my peripheral vision:

Two beauties in a box of liquid jewels
A woman who wants out but continues in
A lawn full of unranked leaves
The halfway house of dreams
Rows of fall trees like an old Indian blanket
A store that remembered who it was
An oasis in a dirt jungle
A sigh between two bookends
A small yard sign of a man
A kestrel warming itself by an iron river
An osprey’s nest like a hat on a stick
A machine forge of clouds
The marooned wharfs of thieves
The last farmhouse holding out near the edge of reason
The hat trick called running for office
A missile silo of Christians
The little bird Francois Mitterand would not eat
The place where the railroad runs all the way to Jesus
A tree that thought it was spring
The place where they make shoes from old clothes and stop signs
The timekeeper at the gates of Eden
The neighbor’s wishbone
The groin of incessant hurry
A tree that said hurry up
The exit sign that said I can’t be bothered
The angel of illness
Law and order in short pants
The fierce ironmongery of hope
The few who refused to sit down
The few who refused to shut up
The few who carry the weight of us all on their backs

–Burl Whitman

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