Monthly Archives: March 2012

An Hour After Sunset

I stepped out on the porch just now to see the light show in the evening sky. An hour after sunset, Venus is blazing away in the sky over Portland about 25 degrees above the western horizon. Higher and to the left is the stolid mass of Jupiter, somewhat dimmer but holding its own. I am told that even Jupiter’s moons are visible with a modest telescope tonight. Over the month Jupiter will descend in the sky, relative to Venus, as the fingernail moon rises from below. It as if the God of All Things Unknowable stepped out on his own celestial porch tonight, rang the evening gong, and lit these heavenly lamps to arrest our minds in wonder. How can one not be humbly grateful for such things?

Big Titanium Balls

After President Kennedy got rolled by his military advisors and gave the go ahead for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he upgraded his already man-sized stones to size El Duce and vowed never again. When the Cuban missile crisis came he was ready for the saber rattlers and he literally saved the fucking world.

Nobody sane would accuse President Obama of having a micro-pair either. He bet his presidency on little better than a 50 percent chance that Bin Laden was in Abbotabad, giving a one word order, “go.” Now, even after making the best of two horrible messes he inherited in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is again surrounded by the howling dogs of the war mongers and profiteers.

It will take a set of big titanium balls to back them all down now that Israel has made its plans for Iran clear and told Obama to pound sand. It’s go time, Renegade. All the choices are bad, but the worst is letting the Israelis and the Pentagon make the decision for you. Is Israel really prepared to say to the USA, we love you but we don’t need you? If Obama puts all his chips on the table, I don’t think so.