The Fracking of the American People

In the synclines of power
deep beneath the arterial flows
channeling the earths treasure
from one hot electric pool to another
lie small seams of change
clinging to the pants pockets
of the substitute teacher
the night nurse
and the landscaper
far from the lavish lucred lakes
formed from the
runoff of wars
the small seams are stirring
gathering, listening
to a great ocean in the distance
big power cannot allow this
so into the taverns
the campuses
the bus yards
the convenience stores
it pumps the pressurized indolent
soothing fluid of lies
but the lubricant cannot reach
into the deepest crevices
where the tenured outrage
of the grandsons and granddaughters
of Sacco and Vanzetti
of Joe Hill
and Woody Guthrie
is finding its own path to
the surface again
without the lubricant
of lies

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