What the 1% Knows

Big capital is stone cold. It takes “risks” when it can get house odds, that is, when there is no real risk at all. It always leaves the back door open and the getaway car running. All great fortunes throughout history have been built through theft. Today is no different, except that theft has been legalized.

The 1% is planning for 100 years of class war. They know climate change will create a world wide band of desert 40 degrees north and south of the equator. They know global population will plummet by 80% and no nation state will protect them from social unrest when the conversation turns from the lack of jobs to the lack of food and safe drinking water.

The irony is that mankind’s salvation does not ultimately lie in creating these desperate and lonely islands, but in the gracious cooperation we are seeing in the Occupy movement. In fact, it is the only reason we are here today.

2 responses to “What the 1% Knows

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Wow, this was interesting to me because I didn’t see a lot of purpose in the OCCUPY movement. I admit I LOATHE enormous stores like Walmart and I always shop local, I’m fairly simple – I don’t have many spoils (I do have Chanel perfume), but this is just vendors supplying. Some vendors are enormous and ugly to me. The big corporations are absolutely soulless, but I still can’t understand how sitting in a town square to bring any change to the fact that YOU want things and I want things, and we need to buy them. I must admit I don’t really understand its purpose, but I do admire you putting forth words to mull over, to think about.

    Kind regards,



    • Thanks for your comment. All any of us can do is respond honestly to events. I see Occupy as essentially an honest response with a goal of raising awareness. So far, so good.


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