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Republican Swingers Club Requires Background Check For “Gayness”

Washington, DC – The Wave The Flag Club is a secret, invitation-only club where Republican members of congress, lobbyists, corporate leaders and their wives meet for discreet adult activities. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one member who was recently asked to leave due to “gay tendencies” agreed to speak to a reporter. “Anything goes there, believe me. And there are some high-profile gay and bi members too, but you just can’t look or act gay. I got kicked out for wearing a pink tie and using tanning spray, for God’s sake. Good thing I took some pictures before I left,” said the former member.

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Today’s Quote

“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.”


Today’s Epigram

“The first half of life consists of the capacity to enjoy without the chance;the last half consists of the chance without the capacity.”

–Mark Twain

Today’s Epigram

“Action is eloquence.”

–William Shakespeare