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Today In History

July 20, 1969 – With more than one billion people watching the event on television, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon.  At the end of his moon walk, Armstrong demonstrated the moon’s weaker gravitational field by shanking a golf ball into a crater more than three miles away. NASA, unhappy about the stunt at the time, is planning a return trip to the moon in 2015 to retrieve the lost ball.

Today’s Epigram

“The nose of a mob is its imagination. By this, at any time, it can be quietly led.”

-Edgar Allen Poe

Today’s Poem By William Stafford


Tomorrow will have an island. Before night
I always find it. Then on to the next island.
These places hidden in the day separate
and come forward if you beckon.
But you have to know they are there before they exist.

Some time there will be a tomorrow without any island.
So far, I haven’t let that happen, but after
I’m gone others may become faithless and careless.
Before them will tumble the wide unbroken sea,
and without any hope they will stare at the horizon.

So to you, Friend, I confide my secret:
to be a discoverer you hold close whatever
you find, and after a while you decide
what it is. Then, secure in where you have been,
you turn to the open sea and let go.

Today’s Latin Phrase

“Abbas torqueo novus pera.”

Papa’s got a brand new bag.

Today’s Palindrome

Tulsa nightlife: filth, gin, a slut.

Today In History

July 11, 1635 – The armies of Savoye, Mantua and Parma occupy Milan. Generals Dolce and Gabbana, noting the locals are not well accessorized, set up camp and begin planning a line of handbags.

Today’s Anagrams: Silvio Berlusconi

Anagrams for Silvio Berlusconi:

Uncoil Bile Visors

Visible Colour Sin

Bores Uncivil Soil