Train Window

A blathery of world travelers
A paint pot of flowers in a summer field
A smudge of canals
An O’Keefe of wild flowers
A hump of dry brown hills
A paling of morning light on farm fields
A florescence of mothballed batttleships
A rustication of quonset huts
A tedium of fence line
An impaling of river pilings
A flickering of bridge girders
A clotting of concrete rubble
A misery of storefronts
A bramble of steel piping
A shudder of field grass
A velvet of cover crops
A catenary of power lines
An Edward Hopper steel warehouse with a blue door
A chuckle of small birds
A droop of palm trees
An audacity of hill houses
A sweetness of marsh grass
A wilding of grafitti
A tent revival of oak trees
A gust of summer scarves
A bloom of sewer smells
A joined sideburns and handlebar moustache on a farm worker

7 responses to “Train Window

  1. severnyproductions

    Its curious how you created a catelogue of individual things that have no relation with each other into a poem. i m gonna try that myself.


  2. I’ve read your list three or four times now.

    “A paling of morning light…” and “a shudder of field grass” are definite favorites.


  3. I like this too. I’ve heard of list poems, but not read many. This is a lovely one. And I feel as though I was on the train with you.


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